Wednesday, November 17

NFC is Nonsensical as Well

The other day we took look at the mired AFC picture where there are so many contenders it is hard to decide who stands near the top. Today we turn to the NFC which has the same problem to a smaller degree and a bunch of teams that leave you wondering if they are for real or not.

Super Bowl favorites? Super Bowl favorites! It is amazing how much the talking heads love stating who is the Super Bowl favorite in the middle of the season. The NFC teams to hold the mantle in recent weeks have been the Packers, Giants, and Falcons. The Eagles vaulted into the stratusphere the last few weeks. It seems people want it to be the Packers since they were the media favorite entering the season in the NFC. There also seems to be a movement for the Falcons now. At 7-2 they hold the best record so that part of it is undeniable. However, if you are not Raheem Morris than record is not the only indicator of how your team will finish. The Thursday night win over Baltimore though and the manner in which they won has put them at the forefront.

The Pack remains a big favorite IF they avoid a slip against the Vikings. Right now they are sitting at 6-3 along with...Chicago(?). The Bears have no business being 6-3 but that is in the past. If they can somehow keep the train going they have a shot at the playoffs that very few thought possible. Minnesota is worse than the Springfield tire fire. What a mess, only an idiot would have thought they would make the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl. /clears throat.

The Giants are definitely the normal guy/werewolf of the NFC teams (didn't want to use Jekyll/Hyde line). They blow teams out, and then they look flat. I expected a good Giants team to put the hammer down on the Cowboys but instead they let John Kitna throw all over them and looked lackluster on offense. The Eagles became number 1 in everyone's hearts after Monday Night. The Vick redemption song is being drooled over by every media member out there. The outrage has been drowned out by Vick looking like he finally has a total grasp on the position. The Sunday night matchup between New York and Philly will have consequences in the division but even more in the useless power rankings. The Redskins are 4-5, still completely in it but I have never seen less faith in a 4-5 team ever.

The NFC South is always a tough division. The Panthers are not helped by having six games against these teams. Tampa is still having trouble finding believers. Morris deserves all the credit in the world for getting this team to the point they are at. Hopefully he keeps playing the "Nobody Believes In Us" card. The Saints are a forgotten team right now. They are 6-3, and can put together a playoff run if they get hot like they did last year.

The NFC West continues to be the butt of jokes. 5-4 Seattle is leading...for now. St. Louis is only a game behind and a game behind them are Arizona and San Francisco. I fully expect the winner of this division to get universally picked against in their wild card round game and I fully expect them to come out on top.

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