Friday, November 5

It's Friday and Kobe Is A NoobTuber

I am pretty excited for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game to hit the shelves. It may be the first video game I get on the first day of release since...I can't even remember, Mario Kart Double Dash? Of course they have a badass commercial (Gimme Shelter is my favorite Rolling Stones song btw) to hype it up and features none other that Kobe himself.

Also, Jimmy Kimmel is in there as well with his RPG. I haven't given Kimmel much thought since the demise of the Man Show, but kudos to him for getting in on the action as well. I think it is fitting that Kobe is sporting the noobtube in the spot, especially since I loathe noobtubers. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a noobtuber wildly shooting away with his grenade launcher and missing while I line up a nice clean headshot. It appears they will still feature prominently in Black Ops so I'm sure they will frustrate me further but I look forward to getting out there and shooting projections of random people over the internet. Why yes I am single, why do you ask?

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