Friday, December 19

College Football Playoffs Conclude Tonight

It's Richmond versus Montana tonight in the FCS football championship. These teams have a 16 team, 3 week tournament to decide on the field who deserves to be crowned champions of college football. If the FCS had used the FBS method, it would have been Appalachian State and James Madison automatically in the title game. As it turns out, both of those teams were beaten on their home field and wither the Grizzlies or the Spiders will become the first champion other than App State in 4 years. The game starts at 8 pm on ESPN2 and features the two teams that won on the road by one possesion last week in the semi-finals. Montana is looking for their 3rd title ever while Richmond is seeking their first after thir incredible run through the playoffs by beating App and then winning at Northern Iowa, alma mater of Tim Hightower's Arizona teammate Kurt Warner, last week 21-20. It should be a great game out in Chattanooga tonight.

In other FCS news, Appalachian QB Armanti Edwards won the Walter Payton Award last night which is basically the Heisman for the FCS, only with a much better name.

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