Tuesday, December 23

Week 17 NFL Mr. Green Locks

Another 8-8 effort tells me I'm sputtering to the finish line in my NFL picks this year. Since I am peacing out of the office today at noon, I am getting my picks in although at this point I'm afraid of how they will turn out, but it is the last week so let's go to the picks.

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 144-94

KC at CIN: Bengals- The Bengals are starting to show how decent they could have been

OAK at TB: Bucs- Tampa may have sealed their fate against Marmalard last week.

CLE at PIT: Steelers- Yes I think the entire Steelers 2nd string is better than what the Browns throw out there.

NE at BUF: Patriots- If the Ravens and Dolphins win and the Pats are eliminated it will be the most proud I've been of a non-playoff team that I root for in my life. (Yes I know you all hate them with the burning of a thousand fires)

STL at ATL: Falcons- Even Catfish has to pull for Atlanta.

CHI at HOU: Texans- Something about this game tells me the Bears are going to fall flat, although that something might be the same thing that steered me to a .500 mark alst week.

TEN at IND: Colts- Everyone has been waiting for the Young-Sorgi match-up and it's finally here!

NYG at MIN: Vikings- How will the Giants respond this year to being able to take it easy as opposed to alst year's furious finish?

CAR at NO: Panthers- If Carolina fails in this game, it will be a devastated playoff team. Hint: Get the ball to Steve Smith the whole game.

DET at GB: Packers- However much respect a 0-16 team can get, Detroit is getting all of it. From now on, being a Lions fan will be a sports badge of honor.

SEA at ARI: Cardinals- If only for my own personal belief in this team I think they turn it around in this game, even if Mr. Beerbong plays most of the game under center.

DAL at PHI: Eagles- There will be a lot of broken dreams and media carnage after this one is over.

MIA at NYJ: Jets- So much on the line, and Pennington returns to Giants Stadium.

WSH at SF: 49ers- Tirico pointed out yesterday that if the Niners had scored at the end of the MNF game, they would be playing for the NFC West in this game.

JAC at BAL: Ravens- The Ravens have not had a week off since September 14th but this win gets them in the playoffs.

DEN at SD: Chargers- This is the Chargers' redemption song.

For the final Clue factoid of the year (I won't be doing them during the playoffs) we go by the numbers, the film "only" $13,377,261 after it's 38th day of release and was not considered a success. Of course, success will always lie in the mind of the viewer.

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