Tuesday, December 9

Links: Wayne Fontenoots!

Some love for Tom Kenyon's favorite coach, Wayne Fontes. [The Love of Sports]

Thomas Vanek leads the NHL in goals with 20 as our beloved Sabres beat Sid and the Pens 4-3. [Sabres Official Site]

The Macy's parade gets Rickrolled. [Yesbutnobutyes]

University of Miami offensive coordinator Patrick Nix a candidate for Auburn job? Please Tigers, take him away! We'll pay you to! [Atlanta Journal-Constitution via the Miami Herald]

Phil Fulmer accepts "Special Assistant to the President" position; how long until he is walking around in a robe and slippers? [Tennessean]

Nice review of the MNF booth dialog. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

A list of the top 11 (why 11?) players in college basketball. Hansbrough number 11? Remain calm Catfish. [Foxsports.com]

College football coaching legends tell you what you already know: Texas has a legitimate gripe and the current system sucks. [SportingNews.com]

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