Thursday, December 11

Week 15 Mr. Green Locks

I am doing my picks from a remote location, and by remote I mean XM's living room while we shoot the bull and by shoot the bull I mean drink whiskey and cuss a lot. Last week was another decent week but would have been even better if the Cowboys had held on. On to the picks...

Last week: 11-5
Season: 128-79

NO at CHI: Saints- All signs point to Bears, so I'm going Saints.

TB at ATL: Falcons- Home teams have success in the NFC South this year and I expect this game will be no different.

SEA at STL: Rams- Just because.

BUF at NYJ: Jets- If the Jets choke here, I can't wait to see the Favre press conference. How great would it be if the Jets and Packers miss the playoffs.

SF at MIA: Dolphins- I said on the podcast that the Dolphins will emerge from the AFC East and I stand by that.

SD at KC: Chiefs- I expect another great effort from KC this week. The Chargers look like they don't want to be out there.

GB at JAC: Packers- The broken dreams bowl.

WSH at CIN: Redskins- Since Clinton Portis is my boy from the U, let's just move on.

TEN at HOU: Texans- An upset special, Titans have clenched and Texans are on fire.

DET at IND: Colts- The country(including the state of Michigan) is really getting behind the 0-16 dream.

MIN at ARI: Cardinals- Just because the Cards clinched doesn't mean they don't want to finish ahead of the Vikings.

NE at OAK: Patriots- A must have game for the Pats. Not to jump up on a soapbox here, but if you think you have to make a joke about Matt Cassel's father to be funny, you're a fucking idiot.

DEN at CAR: Panthers- Catfish refuses to call this a trap game but in my mind it is a classic trap game yet the Panthers will survive.

PIT at BAL: Ravens- Will Baltimore really give away another game to Pittsburgh?

NYG at DAL: Giants- Not a Giants fan by any stretch of the imagination but please put a stake in this team.

CLE at PHI: Eagles- This team just won't die. I'm talking about the Eagles, not the Browns, they die early and often.

Tough to pull a Clue fact on short notice since I'm trying to get these in before the NFL Network game tonight (don't worry XM doesn't get it so I have no clue of the score) but enjoy some Clue Math.

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