Thursday, December 18

Week 16 NFL Mr. Green Locks

My upset special from last week turned out to be right when I picked teh Texans over the Titans, but my joy was dampered by the 8-8 mark overall. At just over 63% for the year, I have accepted the fact that I am not guru, but hopefully in the last two weeks I can go on a Nostradamus-like streak and finish up toward the .700 clip. On to the picks..

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 136-86

IND at JAC: Colts- The Colts are not in the playoffs officially, but they will be soon.

BAL at DAL: Cowboys- Those two games you gave away to the Steelers are going to cost you Ravens, and the cost will be prohibitve.

MIA at KC: Dolphins- Tony Sporano is getting coach of the year love, everyone is mentioning how few turnovers they have, they are going to a cold weather city, and people are praising Chad Pennington. I have lost all confidence in this pick.

NO at DET: Saints- Finally, a game where New Orleans' slingy offense and lack of defense pays off.

CIN at CLE: Bengals- Let's just move on shall we?

SD at TB: Bucs- Despite the injuries I'll take the Bucs who are undefeated at home and playing a west coast team at 1:00 EST.

PIT at TEN: Steelers- Plenty of good seats available on the Tennessee bandwagon....anyone?

SF at STL: 49ers- Mike Singletary and Jim Haslett care about this game probably more than anyone.

ARI at NE: Patriots- With the Patriots shaky secondary, the pressure is going to be on their offense to score early and often.

BUF at DEN: Broncos- If Denver blows this game, we might see some facial expressions from Mike Shanahan that we have not seen in awhile.

NYJ at SEA: Seahawks- This is a really tough game to pick, and some of this pick may be my heart overtaking my head, and bad stuff has happened to me when I've done that.

HOU at OAK: Texans- Hey, I'm getting smushed on this Houston bandwagon for next year, I was here first! Where did all of you come from, Tennessee?

PHI at WSH: Eagles- Philly fans you do realize this kind of run will result in more Reid? That's what you want, even if your trip to the playoffs ends in the first round?

ATL at MIN: Vikings- Despite Pat Williams going down, I think the Vikings hold on in a close one. The game may only take 2 hours with all the running that will go on.

CAR at NYG: Panthers- I can't go against the hot hand here. The Panthers are confident and have the talent to back it up.

GB at CHI: Bears- I was pulling for you this year Green Bay, I really was.

Time for the Clue factoid. At the end of the movie(Spoiler Alert!), Wadsworth reveals his ultimate plot, that he is the blackmailer and brought the dinner guests there to dispose of his accomplices. He is then asked if the plot had anything to do with communism(remember this movie was made in the '80s and took mplace in the '50s) to which he replies, "Of course not, communism was just a red herring." The term red herring which means to give a replay in to an argument that has nothing to do with the real issue. The term comes from the old days when criminals used to use fish to lead the tracking dogs off their trail. I told you these factoids were going to get iffy toward the end of the year.

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