Thursday, December 4

Week 14 NFL Mr. Green Locks

Just like the last couple of weeks I have been swamped at work and not able to do too much blogging during the day. It is quite frustrating, and with a game again tonight on the NFL network, my picks are due in on Thursday. I had planned to regale the readers with a tale of yesterday eve, but those plans have to be put to the side in order to finish my work at my paying job and get these picks in and actually give them some thought. I am pretty miffed that the network that most of the country doesn't get chooses to play these Thursday games this often in the year. I expect teams can't be too happy about having to cut their week short and when you factor in the travel for the away teams (like Arizona going all the way to Philly in 4 days) and then the teams they play in subsequent weeks are at a disadvantage because their opponents have 3 extra days of rest. Beside the point, the picks must be made and read on after the break for this week's edition.

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 117-74

OAK at SD: Chargers- They won't be flocking to the bars to see this one.

CLE at TEN: Titans- I have a soft spot for Ken Dorsey and I certainly don't envy him this week. I know he has never worked out as a pro and probably was not going to materialize into something special but his one shot as a starter was with a putrid 49er team and now he gets to face the Titans pass rush and defensive backfield with the Browns of this year. Ken may have never become an NFL legend, but to us Hurricane fans he will always be the man. I went to the Tennessee-UM game the year after Dorsey graduated and while I was sitting in the student section a crowd of people came out on the sidelines right in front of us. It was a bunch of former players and P Diddy who was sporting a mohawk. Diddy got a nice cheer from the student section, especially when he started gyrating to some timeout music, but then out walked Ken Dorsey. The whole section and then the rest of the Orange Bowl erupted. A chant of "Dorsey, Dorsey" started throughout the stadium. It was a great thing to see especially since UM lost that game due to horrible QB play from Brock Berlin. That was also the Kellen Winslow Jr. "I'm a soldier" game. Good times but what I was trying to say in that inane babble was that Dorsey is a nice guy, a hell of a college QB and I wish him well this Sunday, I'll be rooting for him.

JAC at CHI: Bears- The Bears need this game badly and I presume it will be cold in Chicago this weekend since it is here in Charlotte.

MIN at DET: Vikings- Daunte needs the rest of his team to have their head to the grindstone, but unfortunately the Lions' collective heads are in the guillotine.

HOU at GB: Packers- So badly want to take the Texans, but something is holding me back.

CIN at IND: Colts- Can this game be any uglier that the Colts-Browns game last week?

ATL at NO: Falcons- The Falcons are rolling and the Saints are all but out of the playoff conversation.

PHI at NYG: Giants- This team has no Burress, this team needs no Burress.

NE at SEA: Patriots- If only the Patriots and Deion Branch had made up....

NYJ at SF: Jets- The Jets are not going to be as accomodating as the Bills were the Niners last week.

KC at DEN: Broncos- Denver has found its feet and now can focus on getting obliterated in the wild card round of the playoffs.

MIA at BUF: Dolphins- Beyond Skydome.

DAL at PIT: Cowboys- Two fan bases and franchises I can't stand, but I cannot wait to watch this game.

STL at ARI: Cardinals- Cardinals should be well rested.

WSH at BAL: Ravens- The Redskins have taken a wrong turn this season.

TB at CAR: Panthers- This is the biggest regular season game for Carolina in its history. National audience, primetime game, division rival, and playing for the lead in the NFC South. It's the perfect storm for the city to get hyped and hopefully they represent the town well. Maybe even the club level crowd will put down their wine and cheer for the whole game.

This week's Clue factoid centers on Bill Henderson who plays a cop who comes to investigate the dinner party. He is quite inept at his job as he allows himself to walk by a bunch of dead people and then get himself locked in the library and subsequently hit over the head with a lead pipe. So in a sense he was a lead pipe lock to be one of the victims in the movie....I'll show myself out.

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