Tuesday, December 9

The Shackleford Files: 001


After weeks of phone tag, our schedules finally cleared up for the first ever broadcast of The Shackleford Files. We discuss the BCS, upcoming bowl matchups, and what could've been if we had a 12-team playoff. From the NFL we look at a potential fall from the NFC 1 seed for the Giants, show Coach Singletary some love, and take a gander at all the 8-5's in the AFC East. Well worth the listen, if for no other reason that to hear Cleet's voice crack. Check it out, leave your thoughts, send us hate mail, let us know what you think. If you'd prefer to listen while you run, Christmas shop (I want a Tyler Hansbrough Fathead) or while you pretend to watch Miracle on 34th Street with your girlfriend, you can download it... ...here.


theEPA said...

Nice to hear Ray Romano has his own radio talk show. And could someone tell Cleet his pre-pubescent brother is posing as him again.

I only could listen to Act 1 of this epic as I have work in 12 hours.

GO UNI... I guess.

Cleet said...

Sweet sassy molassy! I swear my voice has not cracked since the 7th grade. I hear Catfish is available for weddings....