Monday, April 12

Last Golf Post For Awhile

Quite a weekend in Augusta and reaction from all angles and perspectives followed today. A few observations:

I was rooting for Phil, but not because his wife was battling cancer. I felt like Phil was the guy I knew best in the field and I was not rooting for Tiger.

I wasn't necessarily rooting against Tiger, but I did not have my arms raised in exultation like he did on his Sunday eagle.

It was amusing seeing the middle-aged white women cheer Tiger on. I'm not a woman nor have I ever been (and I have the medical records to prove it) but it seems to me Tiger is the last person I would be cheering on to win eternal glory. Yet those women might say Tiger's harem had just as much blame in this whole mess and they don't divide their morals along gender lines.

Jim Nantz and Francesa had a spat today about the reason the fans gave Tiger a break. Francesa said it was because they were mostly rich white people who had been grandfathered their tickets and did not want to lose their spots. Nantz said it was because the people who attend are the salt of the earth kind of folks who respect the game. Either way, Tiger will catch worse when he ventures into the world of domestic can beer-toting galleries.

photo via our friend Walter Peck


the EPA said...

Chances of the following signs at an open event:

Go back to your home on Whore Island.


Denny's 5 miles ------>

I've seen a better club swing by your wife

Cleet said...

The chances are strong to quite strong, but the interesting thing will be Tiger's reaction to them. If it is anything like the Masters, he will fire back at the fans...or at least his caddy will.