Friday, April 2

Links Heading Into The Weekend

A few drips dew on the vast sports interweb as we head toward a warm spring weekend. This metaphor working for you?

Al Pacino slated to play Pat Riley in an upcoming film about the "Showtime" Lakers. [Flicksided]

Shaun Rogers is a big man, with a loaded gun. [Freep]

So it turns out the ocean floor is actually just like Starship Troopers, look at this bug! [YBNBY]

A run-in with Greg Oden in Bloomington in which he conducts himself in the manner opposite of a Pittsburgh Steeler. [Rumors and Rants]

A look at Final Four MOPs that went on to become NBA greats. Miles Simon did not make the list. [Sportige]

Could Tom Izzo go to the Nets if he cuts down the nets in Indy? [Midwestsportsfans]

It's down to Seinfeld and the Simpsons in the Sitcomology title game. This is like the UNC-Kentucky of sitcom battles. [Sparty and Friends]


gerakis100 said...

I remember when Simon came to Israel to play and then it turned out he had a fake Czech passport... what a fall from grace...

Cleet said...

He'll always have that insane 1997 run through the tournament though.