Thursday, April 8

The Non-Tiger Masters Pick

It's time to revive our time honored tradition of picking someone other than Tiger to win The Masters. Sure the blog has only been around long enough to do it once before, but it really has become a tradition unlike any other. It is fun to pick out a semi-unknown from the field and back him as the horse to surprise the field and dissapoint the viewing audience. Lucas Glover and Y.E. Yang did an admirable job in last year's majors at that. Our pick last year of Dustin Johnson was not too far out of the ballpark, but he finished tied for 30th.

This year our pick is none other than Thongchai Jaidee. His name is awesome and although ESPN has him 69th in their rankings, we have faith. Let's get to know more about Thongchai. He was born in Thailand, plays on the Asian and European tour. He was the first Thai to play in all four major championships. His first was the Masters in 2006 where he did not make the cut, but he finished 13th in the British Open last year. He holds the record on the Asian tour for victories and earnings. I assume he has achieved Manny Pacquiao status in Thailand. Maybe?

He was once a paratrooper in the Thai army and although he is only 138 pounds(!), it seems that the guy is unflappable. While everyone pays attention to and some root for the Cablanasian, the Asian tour master is going to bring it home. Go get em Thongchai!

As always, picks for entertainment purposes only.


the EPA said...

Egg Fried Rice is currently T14th. AWESOME PICK!

And where the hell is my awesome jpg I sent you. It's as ham fisted as C.S. Lewis!

Cleet said...

For some reason I can't open it at my computer at work. I'll check it out once I get home.

the EPA said...

Well now EFR is down to T44th. Looks like he is folding faster thean a Chinese Laundramat. DO YOU SEE A THEME HERE!

Cleet said...

Why has Thongchai forsaken me, your comments are as subtle as a hammer. And he is Thai, not Chinese, you have your stereotypes crossed.

the EPA said...

Theme continuation incoming:

Chinese, Thai, whatever. They all have bad breath and know Kung-Fu. It's all the same.

Theme continuation complete.

Tiger in the top 10? Nice to see him "compartmentalize" his off the field issues. And by issues I mean fucking anything that moves.

Cleet said...

I think it's called Muy thai?

Tiger is on fire, it's sad that this is the most compelling sports story going. The Tiger scandal is this generation's OJ Trial. Oh, and by the by, Thongchai is listed as WD on the leaderboard. I think that means withdrew. I would say something about pick fail but my Masters pick is mean to be off the wall.

the EPA said...

I always thought WD meant White Devil. Or it was text code for Waitress @ Dennys

Cleet said...