Wednesday, April 21

Wednesday Links

My car is a piece of crap. The only thing that makes me angrier about this fact is that I have no one to blame about it but myself. I keep paying to get it "fixed" and then something else on it breaks. What else should I expect from a 1991 Volvo. I paid to have the engine replaced a few months ago and since then the muffler detached from the exhaust pipe and now all the coolant leaked out onto my driveway. I should have junked this thing years ago and gotten something else, like the the talking taxi from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

I'm sure you've heard Big Ben is likely getting the 4-6 game suspension. If he keeps it in his pants, it will be 4. []

Here is a pro-Ben take on the situation, has this all been a media frenzy based on rumors and baseless allegations? (I say no) [Ludwig]

Charles Barkley once again proving he has free reign to say what he wants, calls his studiomates A-holes. [Sportress of Blogitude]

Can Yankee fans live with themselves? [Rumors and Rants]

NFL schedule is out, here are the primetime games for the 2010 season. [Awful Announcing]

Jason Taylor is now a Jet. He was not exactly kind to New York when he was a Dolphin. [USAToday via Extra Mustard]

It's trivia Wednesday! Can you name the 50-point game scorers of the 90s? (I went 38/44) [Sporcle]

He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him! [YBNBY]


the EPA said...

I didn't realize that was a '91 you drive. I would say get into an accident and total the car but the insurance value of that car has to be less than $2000. And that is being generous since the engine was replaced.

Buy a new car. Dealerships are still hurting and you could get a great deal. My friend works for Best Buy and got a steal on an 08 Mustang.

As for sports, if the Steelers trade Big Ben for putting "it" in a drunk whore then Pit deserves to suck balls for the next 5 years.

Cleet said...

Would love to ditch the Volvo and get a new car, has to be the best time ever to buy a Toyota and if the breaks stop working I'll just put the thing in neurtal and take the keys out. Problem is I have a ton of bills to pay back right now and wanted this car to last at least until January.

Steelers are not trading Big Ben. Contract is monstrous and he is radioactive at the moment.