Wednesday, April 28

The Mayor Has A New Post

One of the most popular players in Cyclone history is taking the helm in Ames. "The Mayor" Fred Hoiberg is going be named the new head coach at Iowa State, for the paltry sum of $800,000 a year. Hoiberg got his nickname for receiving write-in votes for the mayoral race in Ames during his time at Iowa State. This hire is just another item that makes me feel old as hell. I remember vividly Hoiberg's career at ISU and his time in the NBA and now he is coaching Iowa State and all this after having a front office postion with the T-Wolves. We can only assume our resident Iowa State alum Walter Peck is frothing with excitement. Hopefully, Hoiberg's tenure has a better conclusion than the reign of Mayor McCheese.

Hoiberg to be next ISU coach [GoCyclones]


the EPA said...

I found out yesterday that little bitch McDermott was heading to greener(?) pastures. Of course if you have ever been to Omaha you would question the move to Creighton.

Yes I date myself by saying I remember the days of the Mayor, Willoughby, and the foreign guy.

Either way it is nice to see the ISU AD bring in guys who want to coach at ISU and not use it as a stepping stone.

Cleet said...

Loved, and I mean loved watching Willoughby. Fucking Cameron Dollar. I really agree with your last point, Hoiberg would not have left the T-Wolves if he didn't want to do this.

the EPA said...

I hear Kelvin Cato will be an assistant.