Sunday, August 31

Boom goes the Nominee!

EDIT: The YouTube video was pulled, but Deadspin has it here.

While not nearly as bad as the most epic of sports broadcasts ,this video of Republican Vice President nominee Sarah Heath Palin, has been making it's rounds. She was just 21, fresh out of college and working at an Anchorage news station. Ignoring all political implications, let's take a look at this Alaskan time capsule.

  • "Lots of Dogs" being used to describe something other than WNBA action or ACC football performances.
  • Ahh, March Madness had 64 teams.
  • Refers to Mackey arena as McKay arena and the fourth quarter (half) of action in the Michigan/Purdue game.
  • Allowed to say "killing a team" (twice) and no one thinks homicide.
  • The Big 12 was the Big 8.
  • The Clippers were BAAAD then too.
  • Hockey analysis? What's that? More than we've seen out of ESPN since Barry Melrose left.
  • I miss you Winnipeg Jets. If it wasn't for Bob Essensa's crappy goalkeeping, I totally would've considered using you more in NHL 95 (when I wasn't playing with the Hawks, of course).
  • The Patrick Division? Ahh, when deciphering hockey divisions were more complicated than picking a college football champion. If she can figure out those divisions...
  • What a simpler time it was when the whale tale was the coolest logo in sports and not a tacky porn fascination.
  • The wave was the hip new thing to do.
  • Are the Mets big in Alaska? Today, sprinklers coming on would be called a landscape malfunction, chuckle chuckle snicker snicker.
  • Hey, mustached news caster, no one gives a rats ass about your alma mater. Syracuse lost anyhow, Dick.

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