Thursday, August 7

When You’re a Jet You’re a Jet All the Way?

The circus will not stop, it will continue. Many hoped that Brett Favre landing somewhere would quell the raging media coverage, but instead number 4 heads to the king city of sports media coverage, New York. I’m sure Arod is quietly thanking the heavens that old greybeard has landed with the Jets. The coverage will continue to be constant: interviews, film of planes landing and Escalades driving, a spot on Larry King perhaps. The Favre story that has enveloped what has become America’s most popular sport, will continue to eat all the coverage of what people like me would rather see, a breakdown of what could happen this NFL season. Instead we will get Favre and like it or head to our room with no supper and no NFL stories.

It’s hard to say what this means to the Jets. They were not highly touted coming into this season but now with at least their QB issue solved, it could provide a plus .500 season! There is a clause in the trade that if Favre leads New York to the Super Bowl, the Packers get a 1st round pick, keep dreaming. The schedule does seem favorable when you look at it. I think Favre and Jericho Cotchery can be a nice duo as well. Adding Alan Faneca can only help the O-line. Plus the Jets have had success before with a aging QB in Vinny Testeverde. It begrudges me to say it but I see a 9 or possibly 10 win season this year for the Jets. Mangini knows defense and the Jets can only get better by the addition, but can it take them deep into the playoffs? I doubt it.

The Jets are going to have a media cloud hanging over them somewhat similar to what the Patriots faced last year. Every game will be watched intently and the media will swarm the team at all times seeking more answers about how Favre. I’m sure the Jets’ front office took that into account when they made the trade, that their white knight is coming, but behind him rolls a storm. One thing is certain, if the Jets falter during the season, it’s going to get ugly. Until the playoffs Green Bay and New York will be at the forefront of the media coverage. So if these are not your two favorite teams, you must sit and take it, but look on the bright side, at least it's not TO coverage.

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