Sunday, August 31

College Football Week 1 Saturday Notes

The Heisman trophy cannot be won in August or September, but it can be lost. Distant darkhorse Armanti Edwards is officially out. Ohio State running back Beanie Wells and Jeremy Maclin both left their games early with injuries, and if they linger, will cost both of them a shot at the trophy. Missouri QB Chase Daniel will also see his chances decrease if Macling remains hampered with the ankle injury. Pitt RB LeSean McCoy’s campaign sputtered out of the gate, amassing one TD, but only 71 yards, with a 3.1 y/c average. The numbers themselves are not atrocious, but because they lost, they’re magnified.

People are already saying Florida QB Tim Tebow’s numbers are down. His team rolled to victory over Hawaii, and his coaching staff appeared to be trying to limit hits on him. Given the punishment Tebow endured last year, protecting him more this season is in the team’s best interest.

ECU’s win wasn’t an upset. ECU is better, right now, than VT. Over 40% of VT’s players had never played in a game entering into yesterday, and yet they were ranked. These two teams played last year, a 17-7 win for VT (at home), in which their first TD was a Pick 6 interception. Look at the way VT scored this year. They’ve scored less than 20 points off offensive drives of more than 30 yards in two games against ECU.The core of the dominating defense of the last four years is gone, and let me be the first to say that maybe the reason Coach Beamer redshirted the talented QB Tyrod Taylor, is because he knows this is a rebuilding year, and would rather save Taylor for when the young offense has matured, and the defense is up to par.

Dave Wannstedt – still bad. He had the ultimate blind squirrel game against West Virginia last year, but another dismal performance from one of his teams. This is his fourth year at Pitt, and again appear to be heading for mediocrity.

Why do the broadcasts never replay the plays the viewer wants replayed? Like a critical third down pass interference call in the Alabama-Clemson game?

Watching App State’s lines get annihilated by LSU’s I realized they were no match for a true BCS power. When the camera panned to the sideline, I realized their cheerleaders weren’t either. As good as the coverage of the Michigan game felt, the sting of the “Not This Year” still hurts. The sting, however, will fade quickly.

Freshman RB Caleb King had more total yards and a higher y/c average for the Georgia Bulldogs, than did Knowshown Moreno. Great news for Georgia’s title hopes, but bad news for Moreno’s Heisman hopes.

It’s hard not to like Sylvester Croom, but losing to La. Tech isn’t acceptable for an SEC team trying to make themselves relevant again. Of course, 4 INTs isn’t acceptable either.

Western Michigan or not, 47 points has to feel good for Cornhusker fans as they enter the Bo Pelini era.

Georgia Tech seems to have picked up new coach Paul Johnson’s offense well. If they’re able to execute against conference foes, combined with their defense, they could well be the ACC BCS rep. Yep, I just typed that.

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