Friday, August 29

College Football Recap

A few things I observed and noticed from the action in the opening night of college football.

-Miami looked impressive. I don't care if it was only Charleston Southern, that was the most points they have scored against anyone since 2005. The good feelings will end quickly though next week in the swamp.
-Wake continues to have doubters, but they left no doubts last night clobbering Baylor. The Bears started the game with QB Kirby Freeman, a trasnfer from Miami who anyone in Coral Gables can tell you, is not a strong performer. He ended his day 4/11 for 31 yards, and 2 INTs. He also rushed twice for 0 yards.
-Riley Skinner remains a big reason why I picked the Deacons to win the ACC with his 27/36, 220 yard, 3 TD night.
-If you were wondering what conference the officiating crew for the NC St./S. Carolina game was from, look no further than a few bad calls early on...they were an ACC crew. They missed an early late hit on NC St. frosh QB Russell Wilson and gave a South Carolina DB a 15 yard penalty for doing a few push-ups after dropping an INT.
-Glad to hear Russell Wilson only had a concussion. For a moment it was feared there was some spinal damage. Big props to the blonde South Carolina fan that was doing the cell phone/wave to the TV cameras as they were bringing Wilson on a stretcher to the tunnel. You stay classy, Gamecock.
-The Wolfpack Defense played very well. Unfortunately the offense could not capitalize, especially once Wilson went out. A few horrid turnovers deep in their own territory got South Carolina the lead it needed. The weather was very muggy and once the Wolfpack D got tired, the old ballcoach found it necessary to show off. Good luck trying that in conference.
-The Stanford/Oregon State game proved to be the most entertaining to watch, despite the bizarre fumbles. It's early season football, there are going to be miscues.
-I hope the weekend provides us with more watchable games and it should, I'll be out of town, but Catfish may have a little something for posting.
-Also, I'm working on a Alma Mater form of fantasy football, we have compiled a list of fantasy players listed by school and conference and are working on throwing something together to see which conference/school can represent best in Fantasy land. Stay tuned, math is not my strong point. Have a great Labor Day and enjoy the football.

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