Thursday, September 3

College Football Previews: The Return of the Shackleford Files!

After a 5 month hiatus the Shackleford Files are back on the air. We know how you have missed the dulcet deep tones of Catfish and my greasy voice filling your head with our insights. The kickoff for college football and for all meaningful football of the season is 4 hours away. The podcast is an exclamation point to the end of our college season previews complete with who we think will be holding the oblong crystal ball come January. Give a listen to our preview in anticipation for the games tonight. In this edition we tackle the BCS system, the big early season games, some possible sleeper teams, and of course our predictions for who wins the BCS. We even discuss Charlie Weis(the billboard above was posted by a disgruntled former player) and Notre Dame. So give a listen and never shy away from commenting on what you think. It's been a long dark summer, but football once again is here to illuminate the sports landscape so let's light this candle!


the EPA said...

Oregon over Boise State. Swing and a miss. Unlike Oregon RB Blount. AMIRITE!!!!

Cleet said...

Also a swing and a miss on NC State. I have a feeling these are the first of many for the year.

the EPA said...

Your predictions are still more accurate and sane than Lou Holtz's impartial analysis.