Friday, September 4

Some Quick Thoughts From Last Night

#14 Boise State 19, #16 Oregon 8

>We expected this one to be high scoring, but ti was the Bronco defense that was the most impressive unit, holding the Ducks to 152 yards.

>Boise State is going to lay claim to this victory in its BCS argument if they go undefeated. I think they have proven they are good enough to play against the big conferences both in the past and this year but will the luster of this win become dull when December rolls around? If Oregon goes in the tank then the win will not be as impressive in some voters' mind.

>Just when you think Phil Knight and Nike cannot come up with a more ridiculous uniform they do something like this:
And totally not redeem themselves.

>LeGarrette Blount even said something before the game about controlling his emotions but after getting beat in back-to-back years by the Broncos, I guess it was too much to be taunted by Byron Hout. Blount let the fist fly(video here) and before we condemn this kid to Guantanamo Bay, let it be known he apologized after the game and will be punished by the NCAA in all likelihood punished severely.

South Carolina 7, NC State 3

>If you have not had a chance to listen to our podcast, then when you do you will hear us speak of how both of us thought NC State would win this game. Then you will mock us and man do we deserve it.

>The level of offensive play on the field was pathetic for two schools from BCS conferences. Missed throws, dropped balls, the stupid penalties, and the game-winning touchdown juggled and flopped away by NC State. I do not buy the first game of the season crap; either you are ready to play or you're not. That's why practice starts the previous spring and you workout all summer.

>It is incomprehensible to me how the refs missed the clothesline tackle on the last punt return by NC State. Jesse Palmer and Craig James were like acid poured in my ears most of the game but they said it perfectly when they asked how the refs missed it. If fast man is running down the field and tackler goes high and fast man is jerked back like a rag doll, then hands to the head or face likely did occur.

>I banged the drum about how the ACC could make headway against the SEC in their 7 games during the season and so far they are 0-1, if Virginia Tech loses to Alabama tomorrow that person with their head in the sand will be me.

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