Monday, September 7

Weekend Recap

Roddick returns to form? Andy is bounced in the 3rd round of the U.S. Open. [SI]

The Patriots jettison Richard Seymour for the Raiders first-round pick next year. All indications are that it will still be a top ten pick if Al Davis has anything to say about it. [Yahoo]

The best Gameday signs from Saturday in Atlanta. [CGB]

Shawn Merriman has come out in his own words about the incident with Tila Tequila. Well it is a written statement so who knows if it is his words but it explains a lot. [San Diego Tribune]

Miami and Florida State rivalry resumes tonight. Just in case you are scoring at home, Miami leads all-time 30-23. [YouTube]

Finally we see an original walk-off celebration by Prince Fielder and the Brewers. Oh, they also turned a triple play as well. []

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