Tuesday, September 22

The Year of Pierre?

Last night in muggy Miami Peyton Manning found an undrafted second season wideout from Mount Union college for the game-winning 48 yard touchdown. His name is Pierre Garcon. It was his only catch of the game but he displayed his great speed dashing away from Dolphin defenders. The score secured a 27-23 victory for the Colts and thanks to one of the worst cases of clock management by Miami the Dolphins could not muster a comeback. While it may seem that the name Pierre would only be found in an uppity French restaurant or on the streets of France, there are a few Pierres making news in the NFL so far this year.

Last Monday night it was Pierre Woods of the Patriots stripping Leodis McElvin of the ball on a kickoff return which got the Patriots another chance to drive down for the winning score.

Perhaps the most well known Pierre is Pierre Thomas of the Saints. So far he has only drawn the ire of Fantasy players because he was had a sprained MCL and has only touched the ball once this season.

For general knowledge Pierre is the French form of Peter and the name means "rock" or "stone".

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