Tuesday, September 29

When Should Tebow Be In The Game?

There are two questions surrounding Tim Tebow's concussion. Neither involve Conan O'Brien's concussion but here's hoping he gets well also. The most important one is when he should return. Fortunately the Gators have a bye week before heading down the Baton Rouge to face the Tigers, at night. But is that enough time for Tebow's halo-encompassed cranium to proerly heal? Orson over at EDSBS does not think so (the comments section has some good info and perspectives as well). The main argument is that when someone suffers an injury like this they are more likely to suffer it again. Considering that Tebow has been rushing the ball quite often the last few games, one has to think Florida is going to curtail his rumbling.

Now Tebow being the great competitor that he is (that is said without sarcasm, the dude is a gamer) is going to most likely lobby for the status quo when it comes to playcalling. Add to the fact that the UF receivers have shown a sliver of the ability that Harvin and Murphy provided last year and it seems that Tebow will again be charging into opposing defenses. We have seen NFL quarterbacks take these shots again and again which led to their retirement. Troy Aikman, Steve Young, and most recently Trent Edwards. There is no replacing or repairing the noggin and when it gets rattled, it is serious trouble. Maybe even a more appropriate example is former Carolina linebacker Dan Morgan. Morgan suffered repeated concussion and was forced to retire before his Pro Bowl career reached its fulfillment. The way Tebow runs makes him more alike to Morgan that the others mentioned.

I am positive that Florida's medical staff is working around the clock to ensure Tebow is ready and cleared to play against LSU but the decision will ultimately be up to Tebow and I think we all know what he will choose. Although I rip Tebow for the media hype that surrounds him, it is unfortunate that he is injured and if this affects how the college season plays out. On the flip side, a worse scenario is him returning and the Gators winning it all in which he will be instantly canonized as a living deity and his concussion MRI is installed on a plaque outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

The second question to answer is more hindsight in nature and has already been bantered on at length but: WTF was Tebow doing in the game at that point? If you take away the fact that Florida was dominating the game and it was late in the 3rd quarter, Tebow was ill before the game even started. All day long TWWL's bottom line informed me that Tim was suffering from a "respiratory illness" and flew on a separate plane to Kentucky. When he was carted off it suddenly became a possible case of the flu. Bottom line, he was not fully healthy so why extend him in a game that was already secure. Put Brantley in,have him hand it off and get out of Dodge. Not everyone agrees on this point but I think the Tebow illness beforehand should have made the decision. If it is pertinent enough to be a headline, then I am sure it was a concern for Florida before the game took place.

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