Thursday, September 24

Thursday Links

One of the events we missed covering from being away last week was the passing of Patrick Swayze. I was amazed at how many people shared my affinity for Dalton and Bodhi. It's never to late for a nod to the man who taught us that "pain don't hurt." RIP and Vaya con Dios.

A preview of the Miami-Virginia Tech match-up featuring the keys to the game for both sides. [Gobbler Country]

Speaking of that game, the guys over on the 7th floor are trying to come up with the definitive nickname for Jacory Harris. [7th Floor Blog]

A bit of optimism for the worst teams of college football. [Rumors and Rants]

Too soon? Steve McNair's death mocked in the nameof Halloween. [Sportress of Blogitude]

Rex Ryan has another phone message for Jets fans for the Titans game this Sunday. [KSK]

The best leaps in college football. [Bleacher Report]

A dust storm rolled over Sydney yesterday turning it into a life-like simulation of Mars, without Cohagen, Quaid, or Michael Ironside. [YBNBY]

The MLB playoffs are right around the corner, which means it's time for A-Rod to commence choking. [Bugs and Cranks]

Hockey is back! Yes you are probably just as enthused as I am and what better way to discuss which teams will make the playoffs than through the eyes of Vegas. [Puck Daddy]

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