Sunday, September 6

All Aboard the ACC Failbus

Typing this post is surprisingly easy with a foot in my mouth. For all the discussion of the ACC rising up to make themselves respectable this year, for all the posts about their match-ups with the SEC, and the podcasts and predictions, the ACC has reclaimed its position as the joke of the BCS.

The biggest disappointment of week 1 was of course Virginia Tech. This is not because Va Tech has the worst team or even the worst performance, but once again the conference had given the banner to the Hokies to ride into Atlanta and vanquish a top 5 SEC foe. The Hokies put up a valiant fight but in the end ironically it was their defense that let them down. Alabama scored 34 on Tech and by the end of the game ginger boy Greg McElroy was picking the defense apart. The Tide made great adjustments in the second half and against Bama's defense there was no way the Hokies could get swept up in a shootout. The chants of "SEC..SEC" in the crowd as the clock ticked down was a reminder that when it comes to football, the SEC has dominion over the ACC.

The Hokies are not alone in their ineptitude. NC State had a another deplorable performance against South Carolina, losing 7-3 last Thursday. Wake Forest had 4 turnovers against Baylor as the Bears avenged their opening week loss from last year 24-21. Remember how we mentioned Maryland as a possible sleeper on the podcast? They really had their stuff together as they lost by the slimmest of margins to Cal, 52-13.

But losses to other BCS conferences where not all the ACC had up its sleeve. Duke and Virginia, while both picked to finish at the bottom of the ACC, embarrassed the conference further by losing to FCS schools Richmond and William & Mary respectively. Outside of the Miami-FSU game tomorrow the conference went 4-6 in week 1 and those four wins were against Middle Tennessee,Northeastern, Jackson State, and the Citadel. Perhaps Catfish said it best, "When does basketball season start."

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