Monday, March 9

The ACC Tournament: You Don't Know [Blank]

The regular season is done. Duke and "Refuse to Lose" Henderson fell to Carolina, albeit not in the customary final ACC game of the year slot. This year, that was reserved for Wake reminding everyone that Clemson is a first half team. When Gary Williams complained about the Duke/UNC game always being the final contest, most fans of the schools were irked at his gall, but watching yesterday the game has lost none of its luster. The brackets are out, so it's time to see just how much everyone knows about the ACC Tournament. No twittering Jay Williams for answers, there are no South Carolina trick questions, and feel free to post your scores for tremendous prizes. The test begins after the break...

The 1990 championship game between Georgia Tech and Virginia was significant because it featured [NO CHEATING YOU FILTHY ANIMALS].

[BOOOOOO] is the only school that doesn't have a losing record to any other school in tourney history.

The tournament has been held in six cities: Greensboro, Charlotte, [Tobacco], [A Capital], [Hawk City], and [W T B?].

Four first-year coaches have led their team to the Championship game: [Not him], [or Him either], [what the devil], and [Really, he did?].

The 1974 Championship game between Maryland and NC State featured six All-Americans, ten players that would be drafted, including [the best ever] and [resisting joke] who were both number one overall selections.

Wake Forest has won four ACC tournaments both times doing it in back-to-back seasons, first in '61 and '62 and also [XX] and [XX].

Only eight tournament MVPs (and one co-MVP from South Carolina) have come from outside the state of North Carolina. Four from Maryland: Nick Davis ('58), [Stop Looking] ('84), Albert King ('90), and [No Cheating] ('04). Three from Georgia Tech: [XXX XXXX] ('85), Brian Oliver ('90), and James Forrest ('93). And Virginia's [Who What?] ('76).

And finally, [XXXXX] is the only team to win in the opening round the last three years.

Before scrolling down the answers, check out this video, realize that this was the game with 10 draft picks in it, the teams were ranked number 1 and 2 in the polls and how crazy the atmosphere must've been knowing only one team would go on to play in the NCAA tournament. Answers Below:

1. Two teams from outside North Carolina. (Still the only time in conference history)
2. Duke
3,4,5,6. Raleigh, Tampa, Washington DC, and Atlanta.
7,8,9,10. Vic Bubas, Bill Guthridge, Herb Sendek, and Sidney Lowe.
11, 12. David Thompson and John Lucas.
13. 1995 and 1996.
14. Len Bias
15. John Gilchrist
16. Mark Price
17. Wally Walker
18. Miami

Scoring Scale:
0-3: Clemson fan
4-6: Think MJ is the greatest player in ACC history
7-9: Came over to the conference with the Big East
10-12: Know Randolph Childress won an MVP
13-15: Know Bobby Cremins was a player and a coach in the tourney
16-17: Know Bucky Waters was a player and a coach in the tourney
18: Know Wally Walker

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