Thursday, March 5

Dancing with the Big South

According to my Ziggy wall calender, it is March. Which means conference tournaments have started! A special focus here on the Big South, mainly because I will be attending the semifinals tonight at Radford's Dedmon Center. Radford is the number one seed but it should be anyone's tournament to win with national PPG leader VMI led by the Holmes twins as the second seed, followed by Liberty who features Stephen Curry's little brother Seth, and UNC Asheville is the improbable fourth seed after going this season without center Kenny George but this is March.

The atmosphere should be electric in Virginia tonight and I cannot wait to see the teams battle it out. There will be no automatic bid from this league, so it is simply winner take all and only one team out of the four will have their dance card punched Saturday. The final is at 4:00 and will be on ESPN2 as they kick off their Championship Week.

Speaking of dancing, the Big South blog has a featured video of the team's mascots dancing on their respective campuses to C and C Music Factory in the link below. It is reminiscent of the Old School dance scene that ends with Will Ferrell going up in flames in a Cougar outfit. No fire in this dance video, but entertaining nonetheless and it certainly gets you in tourney mode.


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