Tuesday, March 24

Last Year's Sweet 16: You Don't Know [Blank]

A wise man once said, "You can't know where you are going, if you don't know where you've been." With highly anticipated match-ups in front of us in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8, we take a look back at what transpired last year in this edition of YDKB. Come on people, it was only a year ago, has the internet and instant cable news channels fried your brain that much that you cannot recollect what transpired 12 months ago? Try to fire up those few neurons in your head that have not been toasted by your cell phone, PDA, news tickers, and Hannah Storm and take our quiz. As always feel free to post your score and await tremendous prizes that are both incredible and phantasmic. The test begins after the break....

The East Regional took place in [No cheating] and featured the North Carolina Tar Heels as the one seed who easily beat the Washington State Cougars who are coached by [Go WISCOGBAY]. In the other game, a 2-3 matchup pitted Louisville against [Pearl necklace?] with Pitino's squad advancing.

In the Midwest, the stadium known as [Easy one] was the site of the regional and now will host the Final Four this year. Kansas embarassed Villanova by double digits and in the other game, Stephen Curry and Davidson continued their run by downing [No cheating] while NBA star [No cheating] watched on the sidelines in admiration.

In the South, many were unhappy with the fact that [No cheating] was getting to play in Reliant Stadium even though they were the 2 seed. The homefield advantage worked for them as they dispatched Stanford and the [Not Pete Sauer] twins. The game in this regional was not close either as one seed [No cheating] handled Michigan State 92-74.

The West Sweet 16 featured top seed UCLA downing 12 seed underdog [No cheating]. Freshman big man [No cheating] had a double-double of 29 and 14 to lead the Bruins. The other game was Xavier, led by head coach [He's still there], taking on West Virginia who had just knocked off [Happy Catfish] in the second round. The Musketeers won in overtime on the heels of two big three pointers by [No cheating] who is a star on this year's Sweet 16 Xavier team.

The conferences with the most Sweet 16 teams last year was [No cheating] and the [No cheating]. Cinderella Davidson respresented the [No cheating] conference.

Ok pencils down, before you scroll down to the answers, relive the magic with the one shining moment homage from the end of last year's tourney. Needs more jersey popping.

1. Charlotte
2. Tony Bennett
3. Tennessee
4. Ford Field
5. Wisconsin
6. LeBron James
7. Texas
8. Lopez
9. Memphis
10. Western Kentucky
11. Kevin Love
12. Sean Miller
13. Duke
14. B.J. Raymond
15. Big East
16. Pac Ten
17. Southern

Scoring Scale:
0-2: Thinking of the wrong Sweet 16...perve.
3-6: Use the monkey-dart technique to choose brackets.
7-9: Think Vitale went out on a limb this year.
10-13: Value the president's brackets over his economic plan.
14-16: You were hitting the boss button last week.
17: Really, who doesn't miss Billy Packer right now?

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