Wednesday, March 18

Pick-Counterpick: East Region

Pittsburgh more than earned their number 1 seed in the East Region, but perhaps the zebras will determine their fate more than any other entity. If the whistles come quick, the Panthers could be in trouble. 87.5% of the time, the Panthers win when they do not get into foul trouble everytime.


1st Round

Pittsburgh over ETSU: If this were football I would take the Bucs, even though they have discontinued their football program, behold the power of Wannstedt!

Oklahoma State over Tennessee: The Cowboys are blazing the second half of the season, while the Vols are up and down it seems every game or even within every game. In times like these, we do not need market or team flucuation.

Florida State over Wisconsin: This could potentially be the ugliest tournament game to watch.

Xavier over Portland State: Sean Miller is a winner; plain and simple.

VCU over UCLA: Here I was thinking I was one of the few who knew that the Rams could ball, but now everyone has the Bruins on upset alert.

Villanova over American: Is this pick unpatriotic?

Texas over Minnesota: Another great 7-10 pick'em.

Duke over Binghamton: Lots of Duke chest-pounding around here last couple of days.

2nd Round

Pitt over Oklahoma State: I'm banking on Jamie Dixon and company to shed the ineptitude of former NCAA tournaments gone by.

FSU over Xavier: I like Toney Douglas more than anything Xavier can counter him with.

Villanova over VCU: Pondered long and hard over this one, Wildcats get the edge.

Duke over Texas: This Duke team is stronger than the flops the last couple of seasons. I mean, they still flop, but they are a better team.

Sweet 16

Pitt over FSU: Amazing the basketball team was not involved in academic fraud huh? Pitt's interior is stronger and more experienced.

Duke over Villanova: Jay Wright is a terrific coach, but I do not like the way he sounded on an interview yestreday. It appears he and his players are sensing Final Four pressure. Duke is more confident going into the tournament then they have been in years.

Elite 8

Pitt over Duke: Last year, before Fields got hurt, Pitt beat Duke at MSG. Like UCONN, Pitt knows they are superior to Duke when it comes to matching up inside. The Panthers will exploit this and finally get over the hump and make the Final Four.


1st Round

Pitt over ETSU.

Oklahoma State over Tennessee: Veteran PG over athletic forwards just like the BIG 12 Tourney.

Florida State over Wisconsin: Toney Douglas is one of the best on the ball defenders in the country and can disrupt an entire team's offense single-handedly. The Wisconsin big men can handle the ball and could prove troublesome for FSU, but no quite enough.

Xavier over Portland State: Waters goes down hill and so do the Vikings.

UCLA over VCU: If 99% of the country is going in one direction, go the other.

Villanova over American: Believe it or not, I paused on this one. American has been blowing people out lately, but having two sub 6 footers in their top 3 scorers scares me.

Minnesota over Texas: Rick Barnes returns to his home state of North Carolina, and because society frowns on setting people on fire, residents will have to resort to booing his team and cheering Minnesota on to victory.

Duke over Binghamton: If Tony K is rooting for a team, I'm going the other way... oh wait, it's Duke? Well F me sideways.

2nd Round

Pitt over Oklahoma State: OK State can slow down Blair and Fields, but what about Mr. Young? Too many weapons, Pitt advances.

Xavier over Florida State: Who will slow Toney Douglas? Maybe no one, but who will he guard? None of Xavier's top scorers which doesn't bode well for the Noles.

Villanova over UCLA: Not entirely sure that UCLA will be here, Nova is my sweet sixteen team regardless.

Duke over Minnesota: For some reason, I foresee the announcers discussing how much foul trouble has limited the Minnesota shot blockers. If not, they may be able to keep Henderson on the outside, which is critical to beating the resurgent Devils.

Sweet 16

Pitt over Xavier: Annually, Xavier ends up facing one of the toughest teams in the nation, and falling short. This team isn't as good as last year's and this one won't be as close.

Villanova over Duke: Yeah, I don't like Duke and they'll probably win to spite me, but screw it, I can't keep writing their name without self-flagellation.

Elite 8

Pitt over Villanova: A tremendous benefit to both teams that they will be playing familiar foes, should help reduce the glare of the lights for many of the players (and coaches). Villanova beat them before, but not when it counts. Pitt goes to the Final Four.

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