Friday, March 6

Sometimes You Forget: When T.O. Wasn't a Punk

In the aftermath of Terrell Owens being cut from the Dallas Cowboys, we revist the moment when he became a superstar wide receiver. Watching this video really sends you into another era of the NFL. One were a young T.O. was trying to simply make a name for himself in the league, Steve Young was still slinging passes for the Niners, instant replay was not around to fix (some) blown calls, Brett Farve had not hampered his reputation, and San Francisco was a hosting a playoff game.

Some things of note in this one. Pat Summerall and John Madden had the call for FOX; this was before Summerall was ushered out and Madden became completely hurtful to the ears. When he was with Pat, I never really minded hearing John engulf his words in his own gullet. Also, enjoy small FOX on-screen This was the ending of Mike Holmgren reign in Green Bay, they had won the Super Bowl two years ago and barely lost the previous one to the Broncos. Holmgren bolted for Seattle after the next season. Brett Farve would continue to make the playoffs in Green Bay but fail to make the Super Bowl like he did with Holmgren. This season was truly the beginning of the end for Jerry Rice as he tore his ACL early even though he did play in this game and made a crucial fumble a few plays before this one in which he was ruled down but replay showed he clearly fumbled. Instant replay was not around back then, and this play was a catalyst for instituting it back into the league. Rice moved onto Oakland in 2000 after Owens shoved himself into the forefront as the alpha dog in San Fran. Rice was productive in Oakland for a few years because of the John Gruden offense and because he is Jerry Rice. Owens eventually blew up that entire team: Steve Mariucci was fired, Jeff Garcia was eventually run out of town after he took over for Young, and Rice skedaddled across the bay. I love how Mooch and the coaching staff are so adamant about the team going for 1. Coaches in general love thrusting that single finger up after a big score, I guess it is their way of calming themselves down. "I'm excited as hell, but look I'm still coaching!"
Not only did the Packers blow this playoff game but also remember the 4th and 26 in 2003 in Philadelphia.

Also of note was that Owens had several key drops in this game before he was able to hold onto the game-winner and then proceeded to cry like someone just insulted Tony Romo.

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