Monday, March 2

At Least Some People Understand the Cassel Trade

Yahoo's Dan Wetzel offers a counter to the "Bill Belichick got taken or is in on a conspiracy" theory which further enforces my opinion of the trade. Time for people to realize that Belichick would not make this trade unless he was confident it would help the team. Everyone complained about the Pats getting old and now with 3 picks in the first 80 selections this April, some new blood will be infused.

Vrabel was key to the Patriots' three Super Bowl wins, but he was getting up there in age with a hefty contract. Cassel had a good season last year, but still made mistakes and failed to get the team to the playoffs. In KC, he will not have Moss lined up out wide and more importantly he will not have Wes Welker in the slot. Cassel's average completion was under four yards and with the YAC it turned intop over 7 yards. Also, the offensive line will not be as stout as New England's for Cassel next year.

The Patriots are planning for a big draft weekend and judging from their recent draft history, they will replace Cassel, Vrabel and any other need they do not get from free agency. Pundits may question, but followers of the Patriots know one thing: Bill Belichick knows more about football than us or the analysts.

Belichick hasn’t lost his mind [Yahoo]

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