Monday, March 2

Weekend Recap

The snow is still on the ground, but yet into work I went today. After a weekend of much activity which included a nice round of Joseph Brau's at Xtra Medium's place it is time to hit the ground walking carefully through the ice this week.

UCLA beat Cal Saturday night 72-68 to stand alone in 2nd place in the Pac-10. Digger Phelps had a case of Saturday night fever, the Bruins fans are a little too harsh on him, man can move. [Bruins Nation via Deadspin]

Finally, a Mike Tyson comprehensive documentary from a Punch-Out point of view. [The Onion complements of The Concierge]

Are the Patriots making a move for Julius Peppers? [PFT]

Jay Mariotti cries foul in the Matt Cassel deal. Does anyone not understand Belichick, he would not compromise the winning potential of his team for his own son's life. Speculate all you want, but when Cassel has a so-so year next year do not be surprised. [AOL Fanhouse]

You can't teach a rich old dog new tricks, Dan Synder opens the checkbook. [FoxSports]

Catfish will tell you Tyler Hansbrough is getting shortchanged on fouls nowadays, but he is now the all-time leader in NCAA history. In other news, Georgia Tech is bad. [Greensboro News and Record]

Martin Brodeur gets his 100th career shutout and the Devils are back in business. [Yahoo]

More happy feet from the Duke, again not called. [Storming the Floor]

He may get some favorable whistles, but there is no denying Dwayne Wade can ball...and that he does not have Herpes. [Sporting News]

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