Friday, March 13

Tennessee and South Carolina Need To Run With The Gas Bit

By now everyone has heard the infamous comment from Lane Kiffin telling a South Carolina recruit that he will end up pumping gas. Kiffin has denied saying it, but given the number of foot-in-mouth incidents he has had since he took over in Knoxville, anything is possible. Whether it is true or not, the fans of both teams have a great opportunity for razzing each other. Since neither team will likely win anything this year in football, it will be a good reason to have interest in the game. In basketball, both teams could possibly meet in the SEC tournament final which would provide a chance for teams to warm up for football season.

For South Carolina this is a matter of defending the integrity of your institution so you have the less fun part in this. Kiffin should be their main target of mockery for the Gamecocks. From his wife to the accusation of Urban Meyer cheating which did not turn out to be cheating and then it was revealed that he had violated recruiting rules, he makes Steve Spurrier look like a Rhodes Scholar.

I am expecting big things our of Volunteer fans, the possibilities are endless. Dressing up in overalls with bandanas and clever signs featuring gas pumps should be peppered all over arenas and stadiums. It may not be the most original of ideas but I would definitely suggest busting out THIS cheer in Neyland this year.

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