Tuesday, March 3

Tale of the Tube: Gerald Henderson vs. Grant Hill

There is a debate going on about just how good the Duke Blue Devils are this year. The certainty is that if they are going to make it to the Final Four in Detroit Gerald Henderson will have to lead them there. There have been comparisons made between Henderson and another athletic Duke great, Grant Hill. This got me thinking of the 1993-1994 season where Hill led a Duke team that was not a heavy favorite in the tournament to the Championship game in Charlotte where they fell to Scotty Thurman and Arkansas. So how do these two match up for this season, which may be Henderson's last at Duke? Since Henderson has yet to play at the next level, Hill's stats are taken from when he was at Duke.

The vitals:


15---------------------------Jersey Number------------------------------33

Caldwell, NJ-----------------Birthplace----------------------------------Dallas



13 year NBA guard------------Father's Pro career-------12 year NFL RB

2nd round--------Furthest Tournament Progression------Champions in '91,'92

Kyle Singler------------Big White Scoring Teammate---------Cherokee Parks

Brian Zoubek--------Big White Non-Scoring Teammate---------Eric Meek

Greg Paulus-----------Annoying Punk Teammate---------------Christian Laettner

11.9--------------------------------Career PPG-------------------------------------14.9

Tyler Hansbrough elbow to face-----Famous Arm Motion--------Pass to Laettner in '92

Mini-Fro---------------------Haircut of choice before shaving it------------Box

Now we get to the Tube. First we have Grant Hill at Duke. This video is from the "Beyond the Glory" series on FSN. It is complete with Chris Collins and Christian Laettner commentary! Sweet headband dude! I chose this one because it has footage of the dunk Hill had against Kansas(and Roy Williams) in the 1991 National Championship game (:53 seconds in, yes Jim I can believe he got that high). For some reason that dunk is hard to find on YouTube. There is also footage from the 1994 tournament and I had forgotten on that run Duke took out one-seeded Purdue Boilermakers which featured Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson.

For Gerald, the dunk he had on Maryland may not be his most impressive dunk, but it is up there and is his most recent:

Here is another video stating his case for this year's ACC POY:

Obviously Grant has the advantage from having won two national championships and almost single-handedly capturing a third, but if Henderson can take over when the tournament comes, he could lead a charge reminiscent of 1994.

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