Saturday, March 14

Revisiting the Bubble

Tomorrow, we'll have a selection show special podcast, but for now it's time to look back at the 11th Shackleford Files and re-evaluate the bubble teams. The A-10 has already taken at least one bubble spot away and several conferences still have teams alive that could take even more. By our count at the time there were 44 spots available (including TBD automatic bids), but now we're down to 43. Depending on how the conference tournies turn out, five more spots could be taken up, virtually eliminating all of the perceived bubble teams.

Of those spots, we originally identified 32 locks and with Cleet spending Saturday dancing with the ladies, I have since added: Maryland, Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan, Oklahoma State, and West Virginia.

I've also eliminated: Miami, Penn State, Northwestern, Providence, Kansas St. Florida, Kentucky, and Rhode Island

The remaining bubble teams: Virginia Tech, San Diego State, Arizona, St. Mary's, Baylor, and UNLV.

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