Monday, March 9

Weekend Recap

This image should tell you all you need to know about my Saturday night with Catfish and yes, his couch is incredibly soft. Conference Championship Week is now in ful swing, some tickets are punched and many teams are nervous. Let's get the week started by looking back before we go forward, it's really the only way to know where you've been.

Mike Florio projects ten places L.T. may end up. [Sporting News]

Nothing beats Beaver on the Highway. [Yesbutnobutyes]

Rampage Jackson wants the belt back, he just better not drive his way to the arena. [Awful Announcing]

The Bobcats are hot, even ESPN can no longer deny this. [Bobcats Planet]

The worst of the weekend NBA action, LeBron misses dunk, earth shifts on its axis. [Basketbawful]

Tar Heel seniors are 6-2 vs. Duke in their careers. []

Some dissapointments in college basketball, at the top of the list you guessed it, Miami. []

Davidson's run is over and most likely, we will not see Stephen Curry in the NCAA tournament again. [CBSSports]

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