Thursday, May 14

Big South Expands For The Future

For obvious reasons, I have a love of all things Big South. Today, the conference announced that it will be adding Campbell University in July of 2011. Much like the mascot of Campbell, a Fighting Camel, mid-major conferences are trying to store as many resources as possible in this desert of an economic climate. The Camels come over from the Atlantic Sun just as current Big South member Gardner-Webb did a year ago.

The move is one that shows the Big South is ready to charge through the current harsh conditions of the economy and come out on the other side with momentum. Campbell will enter the conference in a multitude of their sports from baseball, basketball, softball, tennis, golf, track, and volleyball. Campbell was a founding member of the Big South and will surely help continue the conferences growth regionally as well as nationally.

The school will not enter into the Big South's football division since they do not offer scholarships. That does not mean that Big South football is not making headway though. After the FCS football tournament expansion to 20 teams was approved, the Big South received an automatic bid to the tournament for its conference winner beginning in 2010. So while the FBS division wallows in its own problems, FCS has not only provided a legitimate college football playoff, it has expanded it.

But I digress. The addition of the Camels now adds to the impressive mascot pantheon of the conference including the Keydets, Chanticleers, Highlanders, Flames, and of course, the PC Blue Hose.

Campbell University To Re-Join Big South Conference []

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