Thursday, May 7

Tim Lincecum and Henry Rowengartner Share A Bond

San Francisco Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum is a fan of the movie "Rookie of the Year" and seriously, who isn't? Lincecum listed it as one of the reasons he loves pitching at Wrigley Field.

When I was a kid my mom took me to see the masterpiece of a movie at the local theatre. With Gary Busey (pre-psychosis) as pitcher Chet Steadman, a knockoff of Clemens, there was no way this movie could fail. Add to that the Cubs manager who I thoght was Sidney Portier but wasn't, and lines like "funky-butt lovin'" and you had cinematic gold.

Tim Lincecum relates to kid pitcher from 'Rookie of the Year' [Big League Stew via Rumors and Rants]

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