Tuesday, May 12

NBA No-Defense Team

Plenty of usual suspects on the list like Dirk and Peja, but when I read this line, I knew I had to link:

"G Jason Richardson, Phoenix Suns: Another proud ex-Warrior. The Suns were a bad defensive team, but this time it wasn’t Nash’s fault. J-Rich helped the Suns’ offense and just ruined the defense–he never met a pick that couldn’t knock him completely off his assignment."

An odd sort of vindication for all the Bobcats fans that weren't upset with the organization when they sent J-Rich to Phoenix. The presence of Kevin Durant hurts me a little, but at least we'll get to see all the interviews about commitment to defense when he leads his team to the playoffs... you know, a new angle for a story about a star on the rise.

San Jose Mercury News (H/T SacTownRoyalty)

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