Friday, May 22

If You're Going To Step In Front Of A Mother Taking A Picture, Be Ready To Throw Hands

It is really hard for me to pinpoint the best part of this story. Dropping alleged N-bombs for a woman crossing you path is fantastic because we certainly do not live in the digital age so I'm sure she wasted good film on the picture. Maybe it is the fact that it is two mothers in their 30s going after it mui tai style because one of them walked in front of a picture the other was taking. Perhaps it was the fact that the fight was precipitated by racial slurs being tossed out right after the picture-crossing took place. Big consideration must be given to the husband of the picture-taker, James Mela, because after he got knocked down by "several men" he got up and spit in Ronika Brooks' (the picture-crosser) face; not a wise move as Mela was taken to the ground and "stomped" again. But then I look to the fact that this happened in the children's playground area while a bunch of youngsters looked on.

However, after much thought my favorite part is the local reporter in the video below, Amy Anderson. The local reporter visual aid is always a classic and in this story, notice Amy holding a camera up and even taking a picture (with flash!) to illustrate how a picture is taken. Thanks Amy, I was having a hard time imagining what it would have looked like when Mela's wife attempted to take that photo of her child, now I know! I can completely understand and dissect the story in my mind now. CNN on line 2 for you Amy. Also please notice the advertisement for bail bonds during the video.

[via TBL]
Two charged in brawl at Kauffman [KC Star]


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