Tuesday, May 12

Capitals and Penguins Enter Epic Territory

While there actually has been attention on the series between the Capitals and Penguins, most of the sports viewing public probably has not been watching the games. If you haven't, shame on you because you are missing one of the most entertaining playoff series in recent memory. This series is on par with Bulls-Celtics tussle that the NBA pundits fawned over last week.

This has not just been a contest of rockstar Ovie versus straight-laced Sid, even though both have had their moments, but both teams fighting ferociously for the right to move on. Last night's game was played at a frenetic pace with the Caps fighting tooth and nail to stay alive while the Pens sought to end the series at home. Perhaps because tensions were so high, there were a lot of dives and questionable penalties, including one with 2:02 left in regulation with the score tied. The biggest goal up until the game-winner in my mind was Mark Eaton, no not that Mark Eaton, scoring with :34 seconds left in the second period to tie it at 2. In the end a deflection by Dave Steckel in overtime forced the game 7 on Wednesday. Even if you tune in for the conclusion, you have already missed an incredibly entertaining battle between the two teams. If it ultimately comes down to Crosby or Ovenchkin netting the game-winner we could be talking all-time series here if not discussing it already. Perhaps this will be remembered as the sports year of epic early-round playoff series.

There really is no argument against how great the series has been. Both superstars have played brilliantly (including dueling hat tricks in game 2), only one game so far has been decided by more than a goal, 3 games have gone OT, and the supporting cast have played tremendously on both sides. Is it just me or is it weird how there has been zero focus on Segei Federov? I know he is past his best days but he can still move on the ice and he is one of the all-time greats still contributing at age 39.

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Catfish said...

We risk taking these series for granted because both stars are so young, but its rare to get two superstars on equally matched teams in a playoff series. I'm bitter I didn't DVR the entire series, but I won't make that mistake Wednesday.

Cleet said...

If you need to clear room on the DVR, may I suggest game 7 be the first to go.