Monday, May 4

The Week Ahead

This picture is going to be me this week at work, we are very busy here at the office so I am going to be slightly incognito from the blog this week. Below are some links from one crazy weekend all around.

The Nuggets looking more and more formidable. [CBSSports]

Tiger was here in Charlotte for Quail Hollow, but failed to win the title. The tournament has had 7 different winners in each year of its existence with O'Hair taking it this year. [Observer]

The Cowboys' facility collapse is just an odd story and not in any way humorous after finding out one person is now paralyzed. [LA Times]

Have no clue what MJ was thinking with this jacket choice for the Derby. [TBL]

The Ducks took out the Wings an classic 3 OT thriller to even the series at 1. Marchant played the role of Uwe Krupp. [Rumors and Rants]

Remebering the great moments from the Bulls-Celtics series, and of course that means not including game 7 which did not live up to the previous games. [The Love of Sports]

Carl Crawford became Stealy McStealerson yesterday. [CBSSports]

Time have changed, athletes cannot even expose themselves to women anymore without getting hassled. [Deadspin]

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