Wednesday, May 20

Wednesday Links

When the wind fails, take to the oars. When real life calls, take to the links.

You're a monkey, I'm a monkey, we are all monkeys. Scientists say they found the missing link in the form of a monkey-lemur. [Sky News]

The Citi Field toilets are no place for the ladies. [NY Post via TBL]

Dirk I would ask what you were thinking, but clearly you weren't. [Sportress of Blogitude]

A poll shows that people would rather watch Raw next Monday than the Lakers steal another game from the Nugs. []

Never too early to be looking at SOS in college football, unless you vote for the Harris Poll, then you can used the retarded monkey throwing darts routine that works so well for you. [CollegeGameBalls]

You have to love someone being upbeat about the Clippers and would you even say the Clippers have a "Nation"? Isn't more like a small principality? I mean you are stuck in L.A. sharing the same building as the Lakers. You are the Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, and/or Monaco of the NBA. Blake Griffin is going to have to pull a Anne Sullivan to make an impact on the "listless" Clips. [Clips Nation]

As a Mets' fan, I have written and erased about five versions of this sentence blasting Steve Phillips, but I am just going to call him a douchebag and let Joe do the rest. [Joe Posnanski]

Most people cannot name one person on the Blue Jays after Roy Halladay, but they are leading the vaunted AL East. Can we please start giving Cito some dap?!! [FoxSports]

Finally, some ecards for the average person out there. [Yesbutnobutyes]

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