Wednesday, May 6

LeBron Means Business

LeBron had time to peer into a few people's souls last night after he finished off this dunk in Cleveland's 99-72 victory in game 1 of the Eastern semis. Bron Bron had 34 points, 22 at halftime and was able to shake off any bad juju that comes with getting a statue presented to you before the game.

James accepted his MVP award before tip-off and while I immediatley thought of Kurt Warner being given his humanitarian award before the Super Bowl, the trophy presentaiton had no affect on the play of the Cavs. Please notice the "Don't touch me, we're not bros" smile LBJ flashes Stern at the 25 second mark.

A lot has been and will be said about how great a player James is, how much better he makes his teammates, and the quality of his character. To me the biggest factor is the look of his teammates as he addressed them. These guys would follow LeBron into the fires of Hades. I know Kobe put on a similar show last year, but somehow his sincerity does not completely convince me.

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