Monday, May 11

Glen Davis Will You Please Think About The Children!

I am positive Big Baby did not mean to bear-swipe the little rich boy who had courtside seats to witness Davis's game-winning shot in game 4. He was just overcome with joy after tying the series at 2-2 heading back to Boston and the fact that his agent now has some more bargaining power for his free-agent contract next year. The NBA Playoffs: where Cha-Ching happens.

[Update: The kid's Dad wants an apology from Davis. If I were Davis I would not give him one no matter what. Grow up dude and teach your son about being a man instead of a douche.]

[Update 2: Sigh, he apologized.]

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the EPA said...

I saw that live and laughed my ass off. One fatty pushing another fatty out of the way.

Pushed so hard his hat got knocked off. And why isn't he in bed he has school tomorrow! Damn youngins. Back in me day we only had hard candy and had to got to bed by 6pm. GET OFF MY LAWN!