Monday, May 11

Knicks Promise Steph Curry He's Their Guy?

Accoding to

"A rumor that has been gaining steam is that the Knicks will select Stephen Curry with their 8th pick. We've received word that there could be truth to this from inside sources claiming that Curry chose to put his name into the draft this year based on the Knicks assuring Curry that they would use their lottery selection to draft him."

Any time I post about Steph, I always have to check in on our friend, Jimmy Patsos. Inexplicably, he's paid almost $30,000 more than the dean of Loyola, but I digress.

We've been firmly on the Curry NBA bandwagon and think the Knicks would be a perfect fit for his skill set. Hell, maybe Donnie Walsh listens to the podcasts, because on multiple occassions we've said Curry would be the perfect fit for several reasons. There are several similarities between Steph and Steve (Nash), whom if you'll recall won mulitple MVPs in Mike D'Antoni's system. Neither is a tremendous defender or overly quick, but both are exceptional passers and can be deadly in the pick and roll. This is not to suggest Steph steps on the court and starts challenging The King or the Black Mamba for the crown, just that he'll be in a position to succeed. His friendship with LeBron will be used to attempt to lure LBJ to New York and even if the King decides to remain in Cleveland, Chris Bosh could be a tremendous consolation prize. At this point it's only a rumor, but the Knicks would be wise to re-sign David Lee, allow Nate Robinson to walk (because it's accepted one of them has to go), and draft their point guard of the future this June.

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