Tuesday, May 26

Dream 9 Delivers

note: The guy without a cutout of himself had to stand there for three days, until it was fight time.

I stayed up until 5 A.M. to watch Dream 9 (or at least the first half) to see the Super Hulk Tournament. In no small part thanks to this promotional video, which is chocked full of unintentional comedy. Nelson Mandela, the World Cup Trophy, Fidel Castro and Harrison Ford all make appearances. If Morgan Freeman was in it, it may have moved into my top ten all-time movies.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long to see the debut of Jose Canseco, who according to the announcer, "Unless you've been living the life of a Nepalese sherpa for the last twenty years, you know who Jose Canseco is." In the pre-fight presser Jose admitted to being scared of his opponent, Hong Man Choi and after attempting to land a big overhand right to start the fight, he looked it. Jose apparently didn't realize in fights you're gonna get punched. Tapping out in mere seconds after a series of punches rained down (mostly missing) when he fell to the mat. I suppose it makes sense why he wrapped his wife's car around a tree now. He was terrified she'd punch him if he confronted her directly. Canseco's performance (minus the fleeing around the ring) was no more embarrassing than Bob Sapp continuing to trot his freakazoid frame into the ring only to end up weeping at the hands of a much smaller man. All in all, most of the hulking giants were more comedy than anything, but it's hard not to enjoy 300+ pound men swinging wildly for ten seconds and then getting winded as the smaller fighters take over. HDNet will be re-airing the fights Friday night at 10 PM ET and are at the very least worth a DVRing.

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Cleet said...

I'm pretty sure sherpas have been juicing lately to get people to the mountain top so they must be aware of Jose.