Tuesday, February 10

Another Trade for the Cats?

Less than 24 hours after Cleet and I finished up a new edition of Bobcats Planet Radio, in which we both felt like the team was done moving pieces, a new report has surfaced. Via ESPN:

"The discussions between the teams have been ongoing for weeks, though the parameters and pieces have continually changed. If the deal comes to fruition, the sources said, it would likely include Tinsley, Jeff Foster and a third player (Brandon Rush, Stephen Graham, Marquis Daniels) going to the Bobcats for Felton, Nazr Mohammed and Sean May."

I've loved every trade the team has done this season, but trading Raymond Felton at this point seems questionable at best. That these conversations are even taking place seems to suggest that my assessment the team wanted to keep Raymond beyond this year, was off as well. As the saying goes In Larry Brown I Trust, but bringing in a cancer, and an oft-injured one (the exact opposite of Raymond)like Tinsley, another big man with an injury history in Foster, and a to be determined player for your starting point guard just doesn't add up. The team has made a series of moves this season in which they've brought in pieces that have fallen out of favor with their former clubs, but nothing on par with Tinsley. Earlier this season, I praised this team for being, if not a great team, a great group of young men. Adding Tinsley would appear to go counter to everything this team has built.

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