Tuesday, February 10

At Backup Center for Your Eastern Conference All-Stars...

Mo Williams? I defended the league's choice to pick Bosh over Emeka for the reserve spot on the All-Star team, even after stating the case for Mek to go, but no mas! David Stern hand-picked Mo Williams to fill the roster spot left by Chris Bosh, who will miss the game with a sprained knee. So... if Rashard Lewis is the backup power forward, who is going to take Dwight Howard's spot? Danny Granger? Paul Pierce? All-Star games are supposed to be fun, but should also reward players in the league from ALL teams, not just the ones that appear on TV nightly. I try to convince people the Bobcats do matter as a franchise, but David Stern's standing behind me shaking his head and mouthing, "No, they don't." Thanks Commish.

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