Monday, February 9

Greg Paulus Gets Another Taste

Miami's basketball team comes up with some impressive dunks in losing efforts. First, it was DeQuan Jones insane dunk against North Carolina and now we have Dwayne Collins giving the facial to Greg Paulus in the Canes 78-75 overtime loss to Duke on Saturday. Jones got thrown out of this game for "throwing" an elbow on Paulus after Duke scored a basket. Jones did deserve to get at the very least a technical foul for the play, but Paulus was grabbing the ball as it came through the basket after his team scored and Jones was trying to get the ball to inbound it. Paulus dry humped Jones and when Jones moved his arm to get Paulus out of the way Greg fell to the ground like a Eurpoean soccer player. This reaction is what got Jones ejected, not the actual contact.

It may be my bias on the situation but it seems to me that Paulus is a punk. Wasn't this guy a football player at one time? He seems to flop at ever chance he gets yet he plays defense exclusively with his hands while flailing to fake contact the whole time. It makes it more amazing that he tried to actually block this dunk versus his usual try to draw charge but get teabagged. Anyway, below is Dwayne Collins giving Paulus the business, and an overall tribute to Paulus getting dunked on here at Awful Announcing.

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